Turning Software Hurdles Into Seamless Solutions

Dedicated Tech partners

In technical projects, you often have a destination in mind, yet visualizing the path forward can prove challenging.  At KittyHawk, we address common tech project challenges by prioritizing direct collaboration and transparent communication. Our strategic partnership empowers businesses to navigate projects seamlessly.

Marketing Technology

We integrate systems to support various stages of the Marketing life-cycle and Customer Experience.

Cloud Engineering

We collaborate with the major cloud providers to ensure high performance, security, and accessibility.

Digital Transformation

We help bring new technologies to existing operations to help drive future growth and efficiency.

Our INdustries

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Providing development services to marketing departments requires a strategic partnership that merges technology expertise with industry-specific needs. This includes working closely with internal technical teams, aligning digital solutions with marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Educational Technology

Together with the Administrative Staff, we created a Student Tracking system customized to align the curriculum with common core competencies. This system allows us to monitor student progress effectively within an asynchronous learning environment.

Marketing Agencies

This dynamic environment demands adaptability, creativity, and a keen eye for detail to ensure that every project aligns with the creative vision. Teaming up with marketing agencies entails a synergistic relationship where technical strategy and creative execution play a pivotal role in achieving campaign success.


Delivering web development solutions for government agencies to help drive program engagement and compliance systems to meet regulatory standards while effectively communicating with the public. We empower government agencies to enhance their digital presence, foster transparency, and engage citizens effectively.

what we do for you

Frontend Development

  • Website Development using frameworks like ReactJS and NextJS
  • Performance Tuning and Optimizations
  • Headless and Traditional Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Accessibility Compliance

Server-Side Applications

  • Customer Loyalty Platform
  • Administrative Software
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Management and Transformation


  • AI Engine
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • CRM Applications like SF Marketing Cloud and Touchpoint
  • Customer Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Business Analyst / UX

Creating functional and technical specifications that will serve as a crucial bridge between ideation and the full software development life-cycle.

Kiosks / Engagement Platforms

Engaging audiences in public places with  dynamic and interactive applications, blending technology with real-world experiences.

Game Development

Utilizing Unity3D provides a versatile and powerful platform for creating immersive and interactive game experiences across various devices and platforms.


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